matt’s in LOVE!

June 13, 2011

with his new SyCip internal 11 belt drive, with basket!

swrve knicks visit Louvre

June 12, 2011



c’est si bon, wish we could spend the summer in Paris again!



swrve shorts in Outside Magazine’s Buyer’s Guide!!

May 5, 2011

can you read it? it says “Of course the company behind some of the best cycling pants we’ve tested would make perfect shorts”

we’re beginning to think Outside Magazine has a crush on us. we don’t mind! we reciprocate the feeling.

“perfect short”, oh Outside Magazine, we do! we do!

swrve wool cap in Outside magazine!!!

April 18, 2011

ain’t no lie

tour of flanders

April 8, 2011

mix one part hilly morning ride, douse liberally with Belgian beer recovery drink, allow to simmer during a very exciting Tour of Flanders recap, and voilá: 5 drunken fools! (only 3 pictured)

the fun bits between the worky bits

March 23, 2011
tour of flanders route sign

in between trade shows and fabric fairs we had the chance to follow the tour of flanders route

crazy urban downhill mtb

March 18, 2011

looking good!

March 17, 2011

mark wearing swrve cycling wax jacket, on a beautiful beautiful bike


February 25, 2011


doh! you’ll have to follow the link but it is worth it

Bikerumor visited swrve

February 23, 2011

over the summer we had a visit + e-mail interview with Bikerumor.

read about it here!