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swrve shorts in Outside Magazine’s Buyer’s Guide!!

May 5, 2011

can you read it? it says “Of course the company behind some of the best cycling pants we’ve tested would make perfect shorts”

we’re beginning to think Outside Magazine has a crush on us. we don’t mind! we reciprocate the feeling.

“perfect short”, oh Outside Magazine, we do! we do!

swrve wool cap in Outside magazine!!!

April 18, 2011

ain’t no lie

Bikerumor visited swrve

February 23, 2011

over the summer we had a visit + e-mail interview with Bikerumor.

read about it here!

swrve trousers in Bicycling mag

February 12, 2011

press on our button up shirt jacket

July 12, 2010

Bike Rumor


Pedal Consumption

Randal Putnam loves to pedal

swrve jeans reviwed in the NY Times

November 17, 2009

NY Times reviews swrve jeans

the NY Times online has just published a review of various work-friendly cycling pants, including our jeans. we expect this piece to run in the print edition on Thursday November 19, 2009 in the Style section. Mr. Tain of Los Angeles tested out the selections and his comments on our jeans are below.

SWRVE MEN’S Indigo JEANS $100, Mr. Tain said the Swrve jeans were “simple” and the fit loose enough that he did not notice wearing them, “which was a good thing.” The pants had a low waist in front, to protect the rider’s gut from his belt buckle, and a higher waist in back, to protect his dignity. The jeans had a reflective strip on the inside right leg. Mr. Tain said that they were appropriate for him at work and that the fabric was light enough to wear on most warm days in Los Angeles.

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ewan mcgregor

November 13, 2009

ewan mcgregor decked out in swrve jeans and windbreaker

this came to our attention so it seemed like a good thing to get this thing started.

yeah, that’s ewan mcgregor, obi wen kenobi, decked out in swrve.