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New from Swrve at Interbike 2011

September 14, 2011

Aloha from Las Vegas!

The big Interbike trade show gets underway bright and early tomorrow. While we still have the energy we wanted to give you a little sneak peak at some of our new gear we’ll be showing off. If you read this before doors to Interbike open up, you’ll have gotten the scoop before anyone else (aka exclusive first look).

We’ll start things off with our brand spanking new long finger gloves. They come in two flavors- Vegan and meaty.

The Vegan gloves are made from the finest non-leather yet remarkably leather like material we could find. The meaty gloves are made from Pittards leather which is arguably the nicest leather to use in a pair of gloves. Aside from that they share identical features which you can read here:

Oh yes! In 2011, even our little wool-centric company can’t resist the lure of carbon fiber. If you’ve ever found yourself in the sort of pickle where knuckle guards would be a handy thing to have, you’ll really like these.

On the flip side of our new gloves, you’ll find “connective tips” sewn into the thumb, index and middle fingers so that you can update your Friendster or line up that booty call without having to take off your gloves to operate your touchscreen device.

Just don’t hold us responsible if you get yourself into a Damn You Auto Correct situation.

Next up we’ve got our brand new Classic Musette Bag, perfect for carrying a variety of goods and other assorted objects in a simple, yet highly functional way.

The Classic Musette Bag comes in a rainbow of four colors and here’s the reflective stripe in action.

Another big item is our new Cordura Denim jeans. There’s a good chance you’ve already peeped these but here’s a few fresh looks.

And finally we’ve reached deep into the box of 64 and have some new cap colors on the way.

OK. That’s it for now. Gotta rest up and Rocky III is getting exciting! Gotta love hotel TV.