What’s in your flat kit?

This weekend I had a chance to get some credit toward that cycling merit badge I never earned. While running some errands, I crossed paths with a newbie cyclist. He was having a ball except for that whole got a flat and have no means of fixing it part.

Luckily the stars were aligned in his favor. We had a similar tire size so I was able to get him rolling in just a few minutes with a quick how-to lesson thrown in for good measure.

He was so intrigued with my flat kit I thought it might be worth sharing if any of you out there are still pressing your flat tire luck every time you go for a pedal.

Here’s a rundown of what I carry.

  • Tire Lever
  • 2 Tubes- Presta 700 x23 Long Valve (can stretch to fit 700 x 35)
  • CO2 Cartridges (only for emergency use)
  • Mini pump
  • Multi-tool (all the major Allen key sizes plus flat and Phillips head screwdrivers)
  • Glueless patch kit (just in case)

All of this goes neatly into a random bag found in a random bargain bin for under a buck a few years ago. Loaded up it’s about the size and heft of a flattened burrito.  I prefer a set up like this over a traditional seat bag because one kit can work for several bikes. There’s no need to switch anything around.  Just drop it in your bag and go. An added bonus is that it’s just small enough to slide into a jersey pocket when I go ride with the spandex crew though I have to steel myself for the inevitable “overnight bag” jokes.

If you’re in the process of setting up a repair kit, consider your bike and just how prepared you like to be.  If I ever break a chain, I’ll be the one standing on the side of the road.

One Response to “What’s in your flat kit?”

  1. krudman Says:

    My kit is similar, but I only carry one tube–that’s what the patches are for. My multi-tool has a chainbreaker, which I’ve never used, but on the LA River Ride I stopped to help a guy stranded on the side of the road with his GF, whose chain had broken. He used my chain breaker to remove a couple of links and get her pedaling again–I felt like a superhero.

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