we’re going to the SD Custom Bike Show

April 9, 10 + 11


2 Responses to “we’re going to the SD Custom Bike Show”

  1. Bert Lindsey Says:

    Matt, t’was nice meeting ya and viewing the cool clothing you had on display. I was the guy who purchased the pink stripped cap but I was more interested in the lovely wool++ jackets you had on hand but, did not buy cuz me wife was keeping close eye on a brotha’s spending (moral, leave non-bikers at home), yeah you remember me, black dude, short hair, looks 29 but turned 51 this past April first…yeah thats me.

    Any how, it was a wonderful show and the drive from LA was a squeak. This was my first bike show and you and like folks made is a gass… Everyone and I mean EVERYone was friendly and thoughtful and most ready to take the time to explain the in’s and out’s of their mission’s. Thanks Matt for making it so pleasurable…

    NOW to business… the wife is in the other room. I want to stop by your LA downtown digg’s and grab one dim lovely wool jackets. I like the blue one… guessing medium…. hit me via email for location and hours.

    Peace and stuff and thanks again,

  2. Jeff Kroll Says:

    You guys were awesome at the show, everybody liked your clothes and attitude.
    All of the clothes I got are amazing and I plan on buying more very soon.
    Let’s go for a ride sometime…

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