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swrve pants saved my life

February 17, 2010

got this e-mail this morning. don’t try this at home. results may vary.

I just had a near death experience yesterday and my swrve pants saved my hide.
Me and a buddy set out to do some snow shoeing at the Indiana dunes State Park which is situated on the coast of Lake Michigan in Northwest Indiana. Like fools we ignored the shelf ice warning and went to take a look at the lake. The ice yawned open and I plunged into the water and miraculously clawed my way out of the hole . Soaked and bruised I apologized to my friend thinking we would have to return to the train station. Then I realized, strangely, I actually didn’t feel that cold and tried some romping in the snow,¬† this time away from the ice in the interior of the park. I stayed outside¬† for four hours, the pants having dried, and had a great day away from Chicago in nature. Thanks swrve, you were my life preserver!

kinky llama wears swrve pants!

February 12, 2010

one of our customers was featured in a Chicago Sun Times article today. and he’s wearing our pants in the photo.

Anthony Mikrut, who delivers sex toys on a messenger bike and calls himself "The Kinky Llama," has a Web site,, and rides a custom-made bike for winter that has carbide-studded tires for traction. (Al Podgorski/Sun-Times)

Kinky Lama delivers on the double

February 12, 2010

BY NEIL STEINBERG Sun-Times Columnist

Opening shot . . .

Valentine’s Day gifts can be a puzzlement to us long-married folk. Candy is out — diets — anything expensive roils the budget; anything cheap, well, is cheap. Though this year I blundered upon a novel romantic gift source that, frankly, would never cross my mind in a million years. But I’m getting ahead of the tale.

Anthony Mikrut, who delivers sex toys on a messenger bike and calls himself “The Kinky Llama,” has a Web site,, and rides a custom-made bike for winter that has carbide-studded tires for traction.
(Al Podgorski/Sun-Times)

Male homosexuality was made a crime in Great Britain while lesbianism wasn’t, the story goes, because Queen Victoria objected to the lesbian clauses in the law, announcing that ladies simply do not do that kind of thing.

Too good to be true, but the tale nicely serves as an image of sexual naivete, and came to mind the moment I heard of the Kinky Llama.

Not because the Kinky Llama is an online purveyor of sexual devices — dildos, vibrators, gags, that kind of thing. I realize people buy that stuff.

But what threw me is that, for a mere $5 fee, Kinky Llama’s owner, Anthony Mikrut, will bicycle over to your Chicago home, apartment or office, any time of the day or night, and deliver your new sex toy. Business is jumping — Tuesday, he rode 35 miles in all that snow, making deliveries. Ninety-eight percent of his delivery customers are women.

“No!” I said, incredulous. “Do women really DO that?”

“Oh yes,” said Terri Miller, a Kinky Llama customer. “It happens. You’re in a situation. You’re looking for something, like lube. Something is necessary in the middle of the night.”

Restraints, gags, inflatable sheep

And these people in these situations . . . they’re hookers, right?

“He has clients who are in the sex industry,” said Miller, 36, who works in an office. “Bachelorette parties — there are a lot of reasons why.”

Some are in need of condoms. Others keep odd hours.

What threw me was the middle-of-the night immediacy; would not one improvise rather than go online and order up material?

“Say you lost your handcuff key,” said Miller. “And you realize it after the fact. You can order up handcuff keys and have the Kinky Llama deliver them to your partner.”

The need must be out there.

“My business tripled last year from the year before,” said Mikrut, 34, who started the Kinky Llama in 2006.

He does have a day job — a manager at Village Cycle Center on Wells. That one detail convinced me this is real. After all, $5 isn’t enough for you or I to hop on our bikes, but for a bicycle fanatic, it’s plenty.

I could see where “Kinky” is from, but “Llama”? Are llamas known for . . . ?

“It’s my nickname,” said Mikrut, explaining it’s from “Monty Python and the Holy Grail,” where a llama figures in the credits. “My family called me ‘Llama,’ everybody calls me ‘Llama.’ ”

OK Llama . . . so what exactly are we talking about here? What’s a big seller?

“A lot of rabbits,” he says.

Such as the Waterproof Jack Rabbit, $52.99 in pink or purple.

“I delivered a rabbit to a couple making out in a car,” said Mikrut. “I showed up to make the delivery, and no one was there. I was leaving, and people in a car said, ‘Wait, wait, that’s for us.’ She tipped me 30 bucks.”

And those rabbits, they’re, umm, effective devices, are they?

“It’s insertable. It vibrates, it turns,” said Miller. “It . . . does all kinds of crazy things.”

A good gift for one’s Valentine?

“She might like it,” said Miller. “You might eliminate the need for yourself.”

Well that’s the rub, isn’t it? It seems a lose-lose proposition (at least for the guy) — either the gift is rejected as an obscene joke, or it’s welcomed, and used, making certain people moot who do not want to be moot.

What shocked me was the ease with which Kinky Llama customers discuss this.

“I heard about it; I ordered some things delivered,” said Becky Welbes. “There’re all kinds of things to choose from. The one I bought was to be used by myself, but could probably also be used by a partner.”

And the one-hour delivery?

“You’re like, ‘I don’t really feel like going to the store right now,’ ” she said. “It was, like, 12:30 and I didn’t feel like going outside. I thought: ‘I could use something’ and didn’t really want to go to Walgreens at 3 in the morning.”

This struck me as contrary to the dictum that a lady should see her name in the paper three times, when she is born, when she marries and when she passes on.

“With the younger generation people are a lot more proactive and open-minded about sex toys and all that,” said Welbes, 24. “The younger generation grew up with it; people are a lot more accepting of sex as being part of pop culture. I don’t think people are as bashful.”

That they aren’t. Mikrut says that yes, customers do inquire about, ah, product demonstrations.

“I’ve been invited in a couple times,” he said. “But I don’t go. It could be bad. I try not to mix the two together. I don’t want to ruin a customer either.”

He expects to ride 150 miles Sunday on his black custom-made bike sporting carbide studded tires. The Web site, if you need to be told, is

original article can be found here

go get ’em!

February 12, 2010

we got this e-mail from Eleanore this morning, and we have to say we agree:

I received a Milwaukee ES hoodie for Valentine’s Day, from obviously
someone that loves me very, very much…better than a diamond any day!

we couldn’t agree more.

this is one interesting woman. listen up! she’s going on an cycling journey through China, Mongolia and Russia to raise awareness and funds for gender equality. we’re sending her some softshell knicks and merino wool baselayers to stay warm so she can take care of business in comfort. Soma is providing a Saga frame, and Mountain Harware has also provided a sponsorship. here is their blurb about her trip on their press release:

Beginning in April 2010, Eleanor, a photographer who has been living and working in China, will attempt to complete a year-long, solo bicycle journey around Asia while raising money and awareness for two charities, Girls Education International and Stepping Stones China. She plans to document the journey through China, Mongolia and Russia through her photography, a book, and eventually, a cycling guidebook. Eleanor was inspired to raise awareness for female equality after noticing the obvious differences in rights between the male and female genders, and the disadvantages most females face living in China.

find out more about her ride and follow her progress here:

and on top of everything she’s a fantastic photographer, check out her work here:

we could not be more impressed and are excited to be a small part of her ride. go get ’em!

we’re sponsoring the Bamboo Bike Project

February 6, 2010

support them!

you can find out more about them here