swrve Milwaukee jacket kicks cold French weather’s arse on ski slopes

we got another update in the epic battle swrve gear is currently waging on snow, ice, and old man winter. an e-mail from England this am:

I got the Milwaukee simply because I couldn’t afford a Rapha Softshell, I’ve been using it quite regularly as my everyday jacket, even thought it can be too warm for our mild winter, I took the jacket with me to Val Thorens, France, the highest ski resort in Europe just to use for walking around in town.

Remembering how warm it is, I thought it would be an interesting experiment to use the Milwaukee hoodie on the slope, armed with 2 or 3 merino baselayer, it’s a lots more flexible than a regular ski/snowboard jacket and much to my surprise, it’s perfect, not too cold on the chair lift (where you’re forced to stay still for 10 minutes till you reach to the top), but neither too warm when going down the slope, I enjoyed skiing a lots more not getting obstructed by the crumblesome ski jacket.

I have a bad crash with a skier who decided that it’s up to the people in front of him to look out for him, took a mile long tumble expecting the snow to get inside, but because it’s snugly fitted, not even a tiny bit of snow managed to find it’s way inside my jacket!

I’d be defintely using the Milwaukee jacket again instead of my regular ski jacket next time I go skiing, probably will get the new sofileta softshell ES eventually when fund allowed (my jacket was the old original Milwaukee with softshell 3000).

I thought you’d like to know that the Milwaukee jacket isn’t just for cycling in the coldest winter.


Edward Scoble

take that snow! you can’t infiltrate our defenses.

One Response to “swrve Milwaukee jacket kicks cold French weather’s arse on ski slopes”

  1. James Hawkins Says:

    Ok is it me or are these things getting more and more popular? Not that its a hoodie but look at the dang Snuggy, I would have never guessed that those would become a hot item.

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