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mid-weight water + wind repellent knicks done!

December 29, 2009

we are just finishing up our mid-weight  wwr knicks. they have all the features of our knicks plus excellent water + wind repellency and super comfy 4-way stretch. available in any color you want as long as it’s dark grey.

check ’em out:

mid-weight water + wind repellent knicks

and a back view with the new reflective belt loop traffic-side

rear view of knicks with new reflective belt loop

hot stuff!

swrve Milwaukee jacket kicks cold French weather’s arse on ski slopes

December 21, 2009

we got another update in the epic battle swrve gear is currently waging on snow, ice, and old man winter. an e-mail from England this am:

I got the Milwaukee simply because I couldn’t afford a Rapha Softshell, I’ve been using it quite regularly as my everyday jacket, even thought it can be too warm for our mild winter, I took the jacket with me to Val Thorens, France, the highest ski resort in Europe just to use for walking around in town.

Remembering how warm it is, I thought it would be an interesting experiment to use the Milwaukee hoodie on the slope, armed with 2 or 3 merino baselayer, it’s a lots more flexible than a regular ski/snowboard jacket and much to my surprise, it’s perfect, not too cold on the chair lift (where you’re forced to stay still for 10 minutes till you reach to the top), but neither too warm when going down the slope, I enjoyed skiing a lots more not getting obstructed by the crumblesome ski jacket.

I have a bad crash with a skier who decided that it’s up to the people in front of him to look out for him, took a mile long tumble expecting the snow to get inside, but because it’s snugly fitted, not even a tiny bit of snow managed to find it’s way inside my jacket!

I’d be defintely using the Milwaukee jacket again instead of my regular ski jacket next time I go skiing, probably will get the new sofileta softshell ES eventually when fund allowed (my jacket was the old original Milwaukee with softshell 3000).

I thought you’d like to know that the Milwaukee jacket isn’t just for cycling in the coldest winter.


Edward Scoble

take that snow! you can’t infiltrate our defenses.

softshell trousers battle Chicago snow and rain

December 17, 2009

an e-mail from Chicago today

well just thought I’d drop you a line – the [softshell] trousers are great. since I got them I’ve worn them basically every day, riding in snow at 5 degrees and cold rain at 35 degrees, and haven’t been cold or wet. They’re a little big, but it gives me room to throw on some thermals underneath when it’s really brutal out. I’m actually glad I ended up with these instead of the knickers. thanks again! I’ll have to see now if I can find the scratch for a milwaukee hoodie and a pair of the wwr trousers. thanks again!

happy your lower extremities are keeping dry and warm. now if we can just get to your torso we’ll be happy.

stay tuned for more updates on the epic battle between cold, miserable weather and swrve winter gear.

Thursday last day to place orders for x-mas

December 15, 2009

all orders placed by Thursday will go out on Friday at the latest. with USPS Priority shipping they should arrive by the 23rd.

for all those of us slackers out there there is always UPS 2nd day and UPS and USPS overnight services.

we’re trying to get orders out the day of or the day after they are placed to get orders that may be presents to you in time. please call or e-mail with any questions.

happy end of the year extravaganza!

from the LA Times this morning

December 14, 2009

Shifting gears in L.A.

Many cities around the world, including some in the U.S., are putting the focus on bicycles for short trips. And they’re making it happen. Shouldn’t Los Angeles go with the flow?

By Robert Gottlieb

December 14, 2009

With thousands of people, including L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, gathered in Copenhagen to talk climate change, it’s a good time to take note of that city’s most significant contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions: bicycles. More than 36% of its residents ride bikes to work, about the same number use transit, and only a third commute by car. Is there a lesson for Los Angeles that the mayor can bring home as the city tries to reach its ambitious goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 20%?

Clearly Copenhagen has the advantage of being smaller in scale. But that’s not the only reason a transition to bikes has occurred in that city. Similar, though less dramatic, shifts are happening in the U.S., in places such as New York and Portland, Ore., and even Long Beach, which aspires to become one of the most bike-friendly cities in the U.S. Shouldn’t L.A. embrace the trend?

To pry Angelenos out of cars and onto bikes, L.A. will need to become far more imaginative and far bolder than it has been. Here are some ideas:

We should designate some streets in neighborhoods around the city as car-free on weekends. It’s been done elsewhere, even in Mexico City along its famed Paseo de la Reforma. There are groups in L.A. pushing to have car-free events, known in Latin America as ciclovias. Boyle Heights, where street life and public space are abundant, would be a natural place to test the concept.

Does it sound farfetched? If you have trouble imagining it, think back to several years ago, when the 110 Freeway was closed one Sunday to cars and turned over to bicycles and walkers. It was a magical moment for L.A. that needs to be repeated on the streets.

To facilitate a shift to bikes, transit dollars and policy need to focus more on short trips, which account for more than a quarter of U.S. car use and its resulting pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. We need a “car lite” approach, as the bike advocacy group CICLE argues, that facilitates alternatives to cars for short trips. Some college campuses are already largely car-free and bicycle-friendly. We need many more such public spaces.

We need to reach out to those who think bicycles aren’t for them. Copenhagen has been a leader in prodding women, seniors and others who have not been part of the bike-riding world to make the transition to everyday bike use. We need education and outreach focused on encouraging short trips, on communicating improvements in bike technology and on creating bike-friendly neighborhoods.

We need visionaries and “practical idealists” (as Villaraigosa likes to say) to push these kinds of changes forward. Janette Sadik-Khan, New York’s transportation commissioner — who is coming to L.A. in March to receive an honorary degree from Occidental College — has been an inspiration to bike advocates and climate change activists alike. Wander around Times Square or down Ninth Avenue and you immediately see how the streetscape has been changed to accommodate bike riders and walkers.

Finally, we need to change our thinking. We need to view streets as not exclusively for cars. Bike riders need to make common cause with pedestrians and bus riders and street vendors to encourage a new way of envisioning the city.

“The street means life in the heady currents of the urban river in which everyone and everything can mingle,” Rebecca Solnit wrote a few years ago. She wasn’t thinking of L.A. when she wrote those words, but if bikes make a comeback in a city that, 100 years ago, was known as the bike capital of the country, we will be considerably closer to achieving a vibrant urban river.

Robert Gottlieb is director of the Urban & Environmental Policy Institute at Occidental College and is helping organize “L.A. StreetSummit: Biking, Walking and More” to coincide with commissioner Sadik-Khan’s L.A. visit.

Copyright © 2009, The Los Angeles Times

all set for a tweed ride on his sweet Pennyfarthing

December 14, 2009

swrve invades Sweden

December 14, 2009

we got an e-mail from Johan in Gothenburg this morning

I must say that I got your cotton knickers and the cotton trousers and both are the most comfortable pants I own to ride in. My biggest wish would like a pair of the knickers in full length in black…..please?

we will be making trousers in black in cotton, they should be done sometime in late January for all your Swedish ninja needs

thanks internets

December 11, 2009

awesome bike kid!

found on

Milwaukee jacket “borrowed” down under

December 11, 2009

an e-mail today from Australia

I bought my hoodie here locally at a bike swap meet.  Every since then, I’ve been unable to wear it as Kerri keeps on “borrowing” it.  It didn’t take me too long to figure out that the only way that I’ll get to wear it is by buying her one of her own.  Hence the order to you guys.

So, the sooner you get this hoodie to me, the sooner I get mine back.

can I “borrow” your pristine 1989 C record crank set?

it’s cold on the West Coast too!

December 10, 2009

from Ian:

This morning it got about as cold as it gets here in the East Bay — a brisk 40* F. I threw on my swrve Milwaukee and wwr knickers and rode the 10+ miles to work in supreme comfort. Never overheated, never got chilled. Goddamn, I love my swrve gear.

Oh, and I just ordered a second hiding hoodie, cuz I basically live in the one I have and am tired of washing it/having it be smelly.


ian m/oakland

yay indeed!

thanks Ian!